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Intellectual Property Department: “IP 101: IP Basics”

30/11/2021 2:00pm - 01/12/2021 5:15pm

“IP 101: IP Basics” is organised by the Intellectual Property Department, covering four topics namely “IP Rights in Business and Understanding Trademarks”, “Importance of Copyright and Designs in Digital Age”, “How Patent Protects Your Invention” and “Basic Concepts of IP Trading”. The course will introduce the basic knowledge of various intellectual properties, enabling participants to understand the rights of IP owners and users so as to enhance their capability of protecting and managing IP rights within the enterprise. (Registration fee is required. This programme will be conducted in Cantonese. Applicant who completes the registration procedures will be entitled to a complimentary online pass of BIP Asia Forum 2021. The online passes will be arranged on a first-come, first-served basis.)

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  • Start Date: 30/11/2021 2:00pm

  • End Date:01/12/2021 5:15pm

  • Event Category: Course


  • Intellectual Property Department (IPD)


  • Physical Event
    Address: Online Event