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Do Good and Do Well

28/01/2021 9:30am - 12:30pm

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela.

Are you interested in learning how technology can make learning more effective and meaningful and how you can do good and do well with edtech ventures?

This webinar is the third of a series of edtech ventures events organized by Esperanza and Cyberport. Leading international and local experts will deep dive into the following aspects of edtech ventures:

  • What makes an effective and meaningful edtech solution?
  • What are the business and funding models for edtech startups?
  • How can mainstream investors, family offices, foundations, NGOs and business professionals get involved in edtech ventures?
  • How to validate and measure the impact of an edtech solution?
  • Cross-sector and cross-border partnerships

Three award winning edtech startups from Israel and the UK will present their solutions. They are looking for funders, market entry and localisaton partners and pilot opportunities in their market expansion to China and Asia.

Participants will have an opportunity to network with the webinar speakers, organisers and supporting organisation representatives after the webinar (1230 – 1330).


For more information, please click HERE.


  • Start Date: 28/01/2021 9:30am

  • End Date: 28/01/2021 12:30pm

  • Event Category: Webinar


  • Esperanza 薯片叔叔共創社


  • Physical Event
    Address: Online Event