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Banking Graduate Trainee Programme is now open for applications!

The Banking Graduate Trainee Programme (BGTP), launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the banking industry, will offer entry-level positions in three business / function streams: (i) fintech, (ii) green and sustainable finance, and (iii) the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) business. For more information and
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香港作為知識型經濟社會,青年人需要努力不懈、充實知識,持續學習不同技能,為社會進步作出貢獻。 事實上,社會上不少青年憑著自己獨特的技能與拼博精神,在市場開拓新商機,為社會增添新的經濟動力。然而,要令業務持續發展,必須配合具策略性的計劃,並且高瞻遠矚、務實處事,方可立足於競爭激烈的營商環境。 截止報名日期 : 2022年5月31日 欲知更多信息及報名,請點擊這裏。
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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Accelerator 2022 is now open for applications!

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Accelerator 2022 is an accelerator programme teamed up with BFSI partners in fostering data collaboration across the industry. Shortlisted tech ventures will have opportunity to co-create and conduct proof-of-concept (POC) via Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) Fintech Virtual Lab with corporate partners. Application deadline: 8 June 2022
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5th Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme is now open for applications!

As one of the core sectors of Hong Kong’s vibrant creative industries, the digital entertainment (DE) industry has been changing rapidly in the past few years. DE companies are becoming more and more technology-driven. The prevalence of social media and
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Microsoft takes Startups in Asia from Idea to Unicorn with new Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Platform

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a new digital and truly inclusive platform for Founders in Asia. The platform offers over US$300,000 worth of benefits and credits, giving startups free access to the technology, tools, and resources they need to
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The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award EdTech Companies 2022 (HKSAR) is now open for applications!

The event aims to build and provide a sustainable platform for local companies to develop and showcase their EdTech solutions which can facilitate the increase the engaging, sharing, exploring and assessing of teaching and learning experiences inside or beyond classrooms
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The accelerator empowers innovators and game changers to help solve today’s biggest operational challenges in logistics, building and related industries. Selected tech ventures will have opportunity to co-create, and conduct proof-of-concept (POC) with different corporate partners (with major business in air/road/sea freight, construction, real estate and property management related etc.). Application deadline:
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Calling for Application of Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (Hong Kong Programme) and Cyberport Incubation Programme (June 2022 intake)

The Cyberport Creative Micro Fund and Cyberport Incubation Programme are offering funding from HK$100,000 to HK$500,000 and comprehensive entrepreneurial supports from co-working spaces, hardware and software facilities, training & mentorship, product and business development to investment opportunities to help start-ups
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The 8th Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is now open for applications!

Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre is responsible for selecting the most outstanding projects to represent Hong Kong in the national stages, exposing talented Hong Kong students to cutting-edge innovative and entrepreneurship ideas and inspiring them
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