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Bite Sized Linkedin #9: Connect with Clients

06/08/2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm

In Bite Sized Linkedin Session #9, Linkedin Trainer Steve Bruce will teach you the tips, tricks & hacks you need to know to get clients & prospects to connect with you on Linkedin.

You will learn:

– The secret trick I use to achieve a 95%+ connection rate
– The one thing you should NEVER do when connecting to a new client
– How to stand out as an industry professional that clients will want in their network
– What ‘Linkedin Jail’ is & how to avoid ending up there
– The magic number you need to achieve to avoid ‘Linkedin Jail’
– How to get a ‘get out of jail free’ card if you do end up there

For more information, please click HERE.


  • Start Date: 06/08/2020 2:00pm

  • End Date: 06/08/2020 3:00pm